Well-known Superstar Moms And Daughters At The Similar Age

Nepotism is only a reality of life in Hollywood, and we’re all fairly used to it by now. Celebrities give start to daughters who develop as much as …


44 responses to “Well-known Superstar Moms And Daughters At The Similar Age”

  1. Mostly the famous Mothers really outshone their daughters, but especially Catherine Zeta Jones daughter, Carys, who is disappointingly plain and is not at a bit like her mother.

  2. Cindy Crawford and daughter they look alike but they are not in this video,and so Reese Witherspoon and daughter in this one others they have something for each other, AMAZING!!! God is awesome.

  3. Some of the daughters just don’t hold a candle to their famous moms, and some of them really blitzed it in the gene pool, beautiful mommas and beautiful daughters ( here’s looking at you Lily Rose Depp, Zoe Kravitz, Hailey Bieber, Maya Rudolph) and a handful are a vast improvement on the original ( hello Frances and Lola).

  4. Hard to really judge with time difference on styling,lighting,makeup.The best for me Was Robin Wright and daughter,second best Rheese Witherspoon

  5. Meryl Streep didn't have daughters, she has carbon copies… Wow! They all look like they plucked straight from mom's gene pool… Granted, I don't know what their father looks like but wow!? 😲

  6. Some of these daughters have gorgeous moms and dads but didnt take after their moms. They look like their dads but just dont have the same appeal as the female version of their dads 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. Zoey Deutschland, Maude Apatow, Carys Douglas, Natalie Wood, Heather Locklear, Frances Bean Cobane, Lily Rose Depo, Kim Bassenger, Carrie Fisher, Diana Ross AND Tracee Ellis Ross, Zoey Kravitz, Ava Phillips, Gigi Hadid, Mya Rouldioh and Goldie Shawn are the fairest in the land!!! By far. The rest of mother/daughters not mentioned are ok.

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